Internet Addiction, Business or Pleasure

The internet is one of the most significant things to happen to mankind in the last 100 years. This technology has transformed lives world wide from the individual person to nations in education, research, entertainment, communication and the list goes on. We can all agree without the internet today our lives would be much different. From its humble beginnings which was mainly to communication basic information to what it is today, the internet has grown up alongside all of us.
The Next Stage
The internet has mainly been confined to desktop computers for all these years but is has become so pervasive it has leaped onto other devices. We can now access the internet from our mobile phones, tablet device and next generation devices like smart watches, google glasses and some office and household appliances. In short the internet is everywhere and that’s great, right? Because of this leap we are never off the internet, our mobile phones alert us to emails, instant messages and any other push notification that’s send to our mobile devices.
A Nation of Addicts
The internet is so influential in our lives that it has transformed our behavior. Sending off an email or IM is how most of us choose to communicate these days. We find ourselves sending bits of messages through social media, email, IM apps and if necessary SMS. This is both for business and our pleasure, which is interchanged throughout the day. But for some of us we can’t turn the internet off and are stuck on our mobile devices every minute.
We see people walking and texting, driving and texting, sleeping and texting (well that’s just me). We have been zombified and live in and out of the virtual world. This causes a number of things to go wrong both in business and in life. Texting and driving can lead to lost of life (and even texting and walking), ¬†an employee stuck on their mobile device whole day is an unproductive person and so leads to lost of productivity.