The new shape of mobile

For the last few years we’ve all been jumping on the mobile ban-wagon. The days of the clunky, brick shape mobile phone is gone and thin is in. Our IPhones, Androids and yeah BlackBerry’s are the new face of mobile and come in all shapes and sizes, but mobile technology wont stop there. Designers and engineers are always working on something new and what they have come up with at Google is indeed something new.
 Google Glass, the wearable mobile device of the future. Glass is said to be equivalent to viewing a 25-inch HD display from eight feet with a 5 megapixel camera which takes stills and 720p video, 16GB of flash memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (check out the full specs here). Glass has been in the labs of Google for some time now and is only recently ready to ship to a few lucky people. Google has recently announce that Glass is running a slim down version of android and so (in my books) puts it firmly in the mobile phone market space. Glass as you would imagine is voice activated and augments the world by adding information to what you see. Glass runs one app strait out the box but being an Android device allows for developers to create apps for the platform. Well that’s the idea Google has for it. This is very interesting and the point of this article, developers around the world will be able to augment their environments.
What this means for the Caribbean is that information about our wonderful sights and scenes could one day be made available for Glass. No more brochures, looking at large paper-base maps with cartoonish drawings. Just a seamless and natural experience everywhere you go. Well that’s the thought anyway. Glass has presented us in the region with an opportunity to express and showcase our countries in better way. Experiences can be captured without pulling out the video-cam, landmarks, buildings, can be augmented with our history, and maybe even a language translator for our slang (sorry dialect).
In time we will see how this new technology plays out and how successful it really is, but this is something for you guys to think about. We should always lookout for new ways of showcasing our countries, cultures and lives.