About Us

Glace Web is a web development company specialising in web and database applications for mid to enterprise companies. We develop applications from websites, mobile apps, inventory management systems, customer management systems, to payment gateways and more. There is no web application that cannot be built. Glace Web has over 25+ years of development in the tech space and provides custom solutions to businesses.

Web Solutions

Web solutions to get your business online and bring in customers.

Website Design

We develop custom websites that fit individual business needs and goals.

Web Hosting

We host and maintain the websites we develop so you don’t have to.

Web Marketing

We provide social media page setup to search display marketing campaigns, to get your business and products off the ground.

Software Solutions

We develop web applications that help run your business

Unified solutions

Run an entire suite of customly built applications in one location. Our Fusion platform provides a central location and common interface for managing your processes.

Cost effective

Using multiple application solutions to run your business can cost you time, and annual fees with multiple providers. We provide one unified solution that saves.

Customise your processes

By turning manual processes into automated digital solutions keeps your business competitive. Manage staff, business records and basic operations with digital precision.

Contact us about your business needs

Tell us how we can help you succeed online.